This release includes:

  • A new ability to amend user email addresses

  • See who started an Op in the Web and Native apps

  • Significant speed improvements on both iOS and Android

Plus, many more small fixes and improvements…

It is very important that you and the rest of your team update the app from the iOS or Android store in order to receive these improvements. (Especially if you do not have auto-updates enabled on the devices being used.)

*Note: If your apps are not updated, you will not be able to receive any further releases of new features or fixes moving forward – so the sooner the better! We don’t want you left behind 😉

- NEW -

  • Amend Email Addresses: User email addresses can now be edited by Primary Admins, should they change in the future, rather than creating new User accounts.

  • See WHO started an Op: Now, when Ops have been Started, but not yet Submitted, you can see which User has begun filling it in, both from the Web and Native app.


  • Significant speed improvements on both iOS and Android

  • Ops will no longer show as still ToDo even after they have been completed/missed

  • Missed Ops and Completed Ops will disappear from the Ops List after 12 hours

  • Plus, many more small fixes that we won’t bore you with here…

If you have any questions about this release or experience any difficulty updating your app, please reach out to support through the Chat widget in the web app or emailing at

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