New features include:

  • Offline support

  • Plus additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience.

Offline Mode

When the device has little or no connectivity, the app will notify you with a message at the top of your screen. You can continue to use the app with limited or no internet access without interruption. Some features might be gracefully degraded in these regimes.


Ops that have already been downloaded to the device can be started and Saved/Submitted, even when offline. As soon as the device reconnects, the data will then be sent to the server and be viewable in Analytics. This applies to both Scheduled and On-Demand Ops.

Conflict resolution

If a scheduled Op is started offline by two different users, the user who regains connection first will essentially be the one who ‘wins’ and their response will be validated in Analytics.

If a scheduled Op is started and submitted offline from a user but in the meantime another user submits the same Op while online, then both Ops would be submitted and visible in Analytics. The Op completed while offline will only be officially submitted once the device regains connection and it would then be up to the Administrator to delete one record or to keep both.

Photos and Issues can be added to all questions when offline and will be saved and validated once the connection is re-established. Notes however cannot be added to questions when offline. This functionality enhancement will be included in a not-too-distant future.

The Op list can be sorted and filtered as usual.


Issues that have already been downloaded to the device can be viewed when offline, however, Users will not have the ability to:

  • Edit the Issues

  • Add/delete comments

  • Start/Close the Issue

  • Raise new Issues ad hoc

The Issues list can be sorted and filtered as usual.


All alerts that have been downloaded online will be visible offline. You can access and open any Ops/Issues that there are Alerts for. Please keep in mind, that No new Alerts will be downloaded to the device until the wifi or data connection is restored.

All data collected when the app is Offline will be sent to the server once the wifi or data connection is regained and will then be reflected in the Web app (ToDo/Analytics) as well as other online Native apps.

When the device is connected online, all actions will behave as expected.

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