New features include:

Plus additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience.

- New -

👀 Op Overview

You will now be able to view the analytics and history of your Ops all from one easy place, saving you and your team a tremendous amount of time.

At a glance, you can see:

  • How the Op has performed over the last 7 days

  • Any Issues that are associated to your Op

  • The most recent result of the Op

  • How many times the Op has been completed

  • When the Op was created and last updated

The tabs across the top of the Op Builder have also been improved to include a History tab to view all results of your Op, as well as an Issues tab to manage any problems related to your Op that need to be addressed.

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻 Assign an Op to ALL Staff

You have asked and we have listened!

Many customers have stressed the need for assigning Ops to be completed by many Staff members, rather than just one single person on a Team or in a Position.

Now you can ensure that the all Staff you select successfully fill out a given Op (i.e. COVID Return to Work Checklist) by a set deadline.

📵 Offline Alerts

Staff can now remain informed if their mobile device is struggling with cellular connectivity.

❔ Op Question Bank (BETA*)

Primary Admins can now build their own groupings of predefined questions. Once configured, their Place Admins can then pick and chose Question groups that apply to their Places and drag them into their Ops.

*Note: While this feature is exciting and will be incredibly useful for multi-Place organisations, it is still in BETA stages and will only be available to those who would like to voluntarily test it out. If this feature sounds like something you are interested in, please request access via Support Chat.


📅 Op Scheduler

Schedule all your checklists quickly and easily through our updated schedule builder. This will allow you to have more control over when Ops can be started, when they should be completed, and when they are considered missed.

🏦 Enhanced Places Hierarchy UX

The new Places page gives Primary Admins better visibility of how your Organisation is structured within the OpsBase system. After a quick glance, you can be aware of how many child Places are within each parent Place, as well as the tags that are being used to organise them.

❗ Painless Issue Configuration in an Op

Save yourself some time when configuring your Op by auto-triggering an Issue to be raised based on a response given by using the new Issue icon.

↪️ 'Only Yours' Filter

This new filter is available for all Admins. When enabled, the filter clears out all the noise of Ops across your Place, showing you only the Ops that you (or you associated Team) is responsible for completing/actioning.

✅ View Op Completor

See at-a-glance who completed the Op direct from the bottom of your ToDo list.

⚠️ Issues Count for Completed Ops

When completed Ops appear at the bottom of your ToDo list, you will also be able to see if Issues were raised and how many.

- Coming Soon -

  • Enhanced Reporting features and PDF Export improvements

  • Offline Mode: Allow your Users to complete their Ops and raise Issues, even with little to no cellular connectivity.

  • Native Op Summary: View the completed Op details after submitting an Op from the mobile app, clearly seeing what Issues/comments have been raised from the operation. and what Notes have been added to responses.

  • Native Op Export: Users will be able to export a completed Op from the mobile app and share the results via PDF or public web link.

  • Assets V2: We are bringing in more features into the Assets area, enhancing how they can be used and reported on.

  • Plus a few other surprises up our sleeves 😉

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