This release includes:

Plus additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience.

- New -

Op and Issues ToDo List in Web app πŸ’»

The OpsBase Web app is mostly used by managers and administrators of the system, but now it can also be used by Staff when their work requires them to use a computer.

Staff will no longer be limited to mobile devices. With the new Web app ToDo List, all Users will have the ability to complete everything that is assigned to them, right from their desktop.

Improved Audit functionality, including Op Approval after submission βœ”οΈ

Close the loop on your Op lifecycle by choosing whether an Op needs to be approved after submission.

This is perfect for audits and critical operations, ensuring:

  • Any follow up actions or issues are resolved before sign-off

  • Approving managers can review ops before they are completed

  • Extra oversight, if the approver is a different manager to who completed the op

(It's only taken us two years πŸ˜‰)

Optional Issues and Notes πŸ“œ

As an Admin you now have the ability to allow the Op Completor to automatically add a Note or raise an Issue while answering an Op Question.

When enabled in your Op Builder Settings, the Completor can raise an Issue or add Notes and media to questions that they deem necessary. This is especially useful for audits, and takes away the need to use form flow to trigger an issue for every question in an op - phew!

Native-Only Ops πŸ“±

With the introduction of the new Web app ToDo List, we realise that some Admins prefer that certain checklists are only done on the Native app.

Not to worry, that will be an option in the Op Settings.

Users will still be able to view the Op in the Web app ToDo List, however there will be a prompt notifying them that it needs to be completed on their mobile device.

Open API Access πŸ”‘

OpsBase is no longer a standalone application, and API specification is accessible to all Primary Admins within the Web app.*

This functionality has the potential to redefine processes and fill in the gaps within your existing App Suite.

*If you would like this Feature enabled, please contact Support.

- Improved -

Assign an On Demand Op to a specific User ➑️

Admins can now decide if/when a specific User/Position/Team needs to complete a designated Op.

If there is an Op that you need to be completed that is not scheduled yet, assign the Op to the User at the Place in which you would like it to be done.

Assigning an Op to the Issue Closer β†ͺ️

Using 'Business Rules' you can now automatically assign an Op to be completed by the User that closed the Issue.

Web app Alerts πŸ””

See all notifications for your Ops and Issues directly within the Web app.

Summary of completed Ops directly from your ToDo List πŸ‘€

This will allow your Staff to preview the responses for completed Ops directly from the Web app, without the need to access Analytics.

While reviewing the Op, they will also have the option to export the Op to a PDF or generate a publicly accessible Web Link.

New Native UI πŸ“±

From looking at our analytics from thousands of users, gathering end-user feedback, as well as workshops, the new Native app has been designed for your Staff to work quicker and Search/Filter through their Ops and Issues easier.

We made the Native app more intuitive so that your new Users can download it and effortlessly use it without requiring training.

As an added bonus, it’s even faster.

It is important that, upon release, all devices must update to the newest version of OpsBase in order to continue using the mobile app. Be sure to share this information with your Staff!

- Coming Soon -

It was a close call, but the following features didn't quite make the cut. Their release is scheduled for the week commencing the 26th of April 🀞 :

  • Op Scheduling - UX Improvements, including a new calendar view. There will also be more configurability, allowing you to choose when Ops appear/disappear from the list.

  • Places UX and UI - Better showing the hierarchy and an overall summary of your Parent Places, Child Places and Tags. This will be ideal for larger organisations.

  • Issues triggering - Using form logic to trigger an Issue is time consuming. With the new Auto-Issue configuration, this will allow you to choose what responses should trigger an Issue, without the need for form flow and additional steps.

  • Native Exporting - Generate a PDF of Ops or Issues and share them directly from your mobile device.

  • Enhanced Alerts - Merging multiple alerts into a single card when they all apply to the same item.

  • Assets V2 - Currently, Assets serves our IoT sensor technology. We will be expanding on this to include additional Asset management: certifications, equipment, etc.

Plus a few other surprises up our sleeves πŸ˜‰

- Saying Goodbye -

One thing we have retired from the system is Blasts. They are being reborn into better facilitating staff training on the job by improving Additional Info in Ops. Therefore, you will never have a Staff member stuck not knowing what to do.

☝️ Before you go...

Don't forget that we offer live training sessions at various times throughout the week, covering the following topics:

  • Getting Started (the basics)

  • Issues Management

  • Reporting

  • Advanced Features

If you prefer doing training on your own time, we also offer Self-Paced Training, which can be accessed here.

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