Admins have the ability to decide whether an Op will require Approval after being submitted before it appears as Completed in Analytics.

To enable:

  • Open the Op Builder for the Operation that you require approval for

  • Navigate to the Settings tab

  • In the Who section, enable Approval is required for this Operation

  • Designate a User/Position/Team to be in charge of approving the selected Op when completed - multiple Approvers can be nominated, if needed

All Ops that are submitted (which require approval) will be assigned to this Approver for them to review. The Approver will be able to find this Op in their Op To-Do list on both Web and Native, with a Pending Approval status.

The Approver will then be able to open the Op, examine it fully (checking raised Issues and Notes) and approve it.

Once the Op is approved, it will then be given the Completed status.

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