This release includes:

Plus additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience.

- New -

Disabling Staff Users 🚷

With just the click of a mouse Admins can now disable inactive Users without deleting them completely from the system.

When a user has been disabled, they:

  • Are no longer able to login to the Web or Native apps

  • Cannot be selected on any Staff Picker questions

  • Cannot be assigned new Issues*

  • Will not be able to submit Ops using a TeamBoard

*Note: You will still need to manually change any Issue Workflows that are directly associated to them.

Disabling Places 🚫

If your Org contains Places that are experiencing temporary closures or have shut their doors permanently, you can now disable them in the Web app.

This means that any Ops that are assigned to that Place will not be considered Due/Overdue/Missed; However, any Ops or Issues that were actioned before the Place was disabled will still exist in Reporting and the Issues Log.

Issues History 📜

When you are managing your Issues in the Web and Native apps, you will now have three views to toggle between in order to see the lifecycle of any Issue. (i.e Who it was reassigned to and when, changes of deadlines, etc.)

The three views are as followed:

  • Comment view: See only the conversation between users

  • History view: See only the changes that have been made to the Issue

  • Comment & History view: See both the conversation and the Issue changes all in one

- Improved -

Splitting your Ops into Sections ✔️

You will now have the ability to split your Ops into separate Sections* of questions to create more organised audits. This is especially useful if you would like each section to have their own subtotal along with the Op having a final total.

*Note: The Section question type has replaced the Repetition Question Type. If you would like to still use a repeating series of questions, just use the Section question type, and then 'Enable Repetition.'

Assigning and scheduling Ops using Places hierarchy ↪️

If your Org uses Places hierarchy to configure your Sites, it is now much easier to assign Ops, as well as scheduling them, with the new option of 'All Places within X.'

Scheduling Ops using Place tags 🏷️

If your Org uses Place tags, it is now much easier to schedule Ops with the new option of 'All Places tagged with X.'

Using colours in Additional Info 🌈

Make your Additional Info in an Op pop with colour!

- Fixes -

Lastly, the following bugs, experienced by some customers, have been squashed 🐛

  • Somes users were experiencing missing 'Additional Info' based on the way it was formatted and that is now resolved.

  • You can now submit and Op on the WebBoard when signed in as a TeamBoard.

  • Charts & graphs added to the Dashboard from Reporting will now update to the present date accordingly.

  • Images no longer appear sideways in Reporting.

  • And many more!

- Coming Soon -

  • Media Upload: Photo question types will be changing to media question types, allowing the completor to upload a photo, a video, or a document.

  • Assigning Ops to Staff: Scheduled and on demand Ops will be able to be assigned to individual Staff, rather than just Positions or Teams.

  • Plus a few other surprises up our sleeves 😉

☝️ Before you go...

Don't forget that we offer live training sessions at various times throughout the week, covering the following topics:

  • Getting Started (the basics)

  • Issues Management

  • Reporting

  • Advanced Features

If you prefer doing training on your own time, we also offer Self-Paced Training, which can be accessed here.

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