🌟 We would like you to keep in mind that while this feature is live for our customers to use, it is still in BETA. While beta features can be new and exciting, they are also not yet 100% stable. Their code and components are complete for the most part, but there may still be some rough edges that you can help bring to our attention. So when you opt in, please keep this risk in mind and be extra-cautious when using it in anything mission critical.The WebBoard is used by Staff to complete Ops and manage Issues - similar to the Native app.

This is for users that would like to use OpsBase using a desktop from a browser.*

*Note: OpsBase is most compatible with Google Chrome. To download, click here.

Signing In 💻

Individual Users 🤸

To log in as an individual user, enter your email or phone number that is associated to your Staff card in the OpsBase system.

Depending on which you choose, a temporary 4 digit pin code will be sent to you for validation. Once entered, you will be successfully logged in.

TeamBoard 🤸 🤸 🤸

If you would like a team to share a login to the system, rather than using individual emails/phone numbers, they can also use a TeamBoard code.

TeamBoard codes are generated by Admins of your OpsBase platform. They allow you to have access to Ops/Issues assigned to one or multiple Teams.

Select the option 'Sign in with a teamboard code' and enter the 9 digit code provided by your Admin.

Once signed in, you will see all Ops and Issues associated to the Team(s) configured with the TeamBoard code.

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