This release includes:

Plus additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience.

- New -

N/A Question Capability ❓

When building your Op questions and answers, you now will have the ability to choose whether a question can be skipped by your staff upon completing the Op.

When checked, your Staff will have the option to skip the question and it will not count towards the Ops progress in the Native App.

When a question has been configured to skip, the user will see the option below:

Web App Op Completion 💻

Using the new Web Board, your Staff can access all of their Ops and Issues via a web browser* so that they can be actioned and submitted directly from a computer.

While this feature is Live, it is still in BETA testing stages. If you would like to use this feature, please let Support know via the chat box or by following the button below and we can quickly provide you with access.

*Note: The OpsBase Web Board is most compatible when using Google Chrome.

- Improved -

Op Answer Workflows ↪️

Now, in Op Workflows, users have the ability to select certain responses to a question as triggers to be used in order to enable a chosen action.

For ex: "What machinery will be used today?" If a certain answer is selected (i.e. Excavator), then an Op pertaining to the use of that machine (i.e. Excavator Maintenance Check) can be assigned to complete.

SMS Notifications 📱

When creating an Op Workflow, you can now send an SMS message when a trigger is activated.

Op Builder/Preview 🛠

Using customer feedback, we have made some improvements to the Op Builder so that is is quicker and easier for Admins to build Ops.

Native App Library 📚

Although this is not something that Users will see, our Development Team has made significant changes to our native library, increasing performance and improving the structure of how the platform works.

Downgrade Staff to Place Admin 🙍

As a Primary Admin, you have the ability to upgrade a Staff member to a Place Admin or a Primary Admin.

Now, you also have the ability to downgrade other Primary Admins to a Place Admin, without needing to contact Support (like before).

- Fixes -

Lastly, the following bugs, experienced by some customers, have been squashed 🐛

  • The undo/redo functionality not only works for your Op questions, but now in the Rich Text boxes as well.

  • Some users reported seeing Ops for other Teams on their shared devices, which has been resolved.

  • Op Workflows will now allow you to trigger a repeat of the identical Op.

  • Scored & Graded Op reports, no longer show unscored questions as a Fail. (although this affecting the overall score)

  • And many more!

☝️ Before you go...

Don't forget that we offer live training sessions at various times throughout the week, covering the following topics:

  • Getting Started (the basics)

  • Issues Management

  • Reporting

  • Advanced Features

If you prefer doing training on your own time, we also offer Self-Paced Training, which can be accessed here.

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