Places Tags are words that can be associated with one or more places in your Places hierarchy. They are very useful for Organisations with a complex structure, as they help to group locations according to their characteristics.

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How to create Tags

  • Navigate to Settings > Places, and open the Details menu (pink bar on the right)

  • Click on the Tags box and start typing at the bottom of the dialogue

  • Click the + button to add the tag

  • Make sure to click Save to confirm the changes


The Places menu allows you to filter the locations in your Org based on the Tags associated with them.

How to use Places Tags

Tags are very more useful when it comes to assigning Ops to specific Places.

You can automatically assign Ops to all the Places tagged with X, rather than having to individually select them. e.g., you can assign an Op to all the Places in your Org with a warehouse tag.


See our article on how to Add and Organise New Places to review how to configure your Org's hierarchy.

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