Similar to how the Op Business Rules (Workflows) are configured, as an Admin you can set up workflows for Issues.


A workflow is a sequence of tasks that take place when a certain condition in your Op is met.

To create an Issue Workflow, you will need to set up:

  • The IF trigger (conditions)

  • And your THEN (consequent actions).

You can create a new workflow as follows:

  • Navigate to Operations > Business Rules and click on the + button on the bottom right corner

  • In the pop-up window, add a Title for the workflow and select the condition that will trigger the Business Rule, then click on Create

  • Following the IF/THEN logic, you can also utilise the And/Or buttons to define additional criteria for the IF condition that will trigger the THEN action/s.

  • The THEN options allow countless combinations of actions such as assign another Op, notify someone external via email, raise an Issue, send an SMS, etc.

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