There are instances when you need your Staff to mention a member of your Org when completing an Op.

To configure this, navigate to the Op Builder in the Op of your choice and select the Staff Question type.

Configure the Staff Question

Expanding the Details menu (pink bar on the right side of the screen) you can define and narrow down the list of people from which the person answering the Op can pick from:

  • Limit the list to the following - decide what Staff members, Teams or Positions can be picked

  • Hide the following from the list - select those members of the Org, Teams or Positions that you don't want to be available to be selected

When active, the tick boxes at the bottom will allow the completer to:

  • Manually enter a name not included in the list (e.g. a contractor)

  • Pick multiple members of Staff, Positions, and/or Teams from the list

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