This release includes:

Plus many, many additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience.

- New -

Workflows 🔄

Now, within the OpsBase web app, Admins have the ability to set-up Workflows for Issues, dependent on customizable criteria.

For example:

  • When an issue is raised that is given a Critical priority, send an email to all Senior Managers and assign a 24hr deadline.

  • or When a Cleaning issue is raised at Site A, assign it to the Cleaning Team.

Staff Picker 😀

When building your Ops, rather than have the completer manually type out the names of fellow staff members, they can now select them from a pre-populated list.

Depending on how you set up the Staff picker when configuring the Op, the completer can also select multiple Staff/Positions/Teams, or can type it in themselves.

You may also chose to only allow them to select from certain options, or hide others.

Assets Catalogue 🌡️

For customers that use IoT sensors in their business, the Assets Catalogue has been built for you to access them all in one easy place.

Once a sensor is logged in the Assets Catalogue, it can then be linked, and data can start being collected.

In the near future, the Assets Catalogue will be expanded to v2, which will be able to include machinery warranties, Staff certifications, software renewal reminders, etc.

For more information on this, please contact Support via email or live chat.

- Improved -

Left Hand Navigation ⬅️

When logging into the OpsBase web app, you may notice that we have rearranged the pages to make moving around the system more clear.

Now all configuration for your Org live in one place - under the Settings button. Just start from the top and work your way down.

This keeps your left hand nav free for the information that is most used and important to you.

Increased Page Views ❓

Previously, in various pages around the web app, data was limited to just 10 records/items to a page. This has now been expanded to 30 records per page.

With this adjustment, the number of times you need to page through and find what you are looking for is vastly cut down.

- Fixes -

Lastly, the following bugs, experienced by some customers, have been squashed 🐛

  • You can now export your reports to a PDF when filtering by a single Op.

  • When creating a new Op, you can once again configure the Who and the Where, as well as give it a title.

  • Admins will be able to add nested questions as custom columns in Reporting.

  • Dashboard data will now appear accurately for Place Admins, sharing only the data for Places they belong to.

- and Coming Soon -

Here are the features on our roadmap that our Development team is currently working hard away at... 🛠️

  • Issue enhancements on web and native apps
    Includes the ability to 'follow' an Issue to keep informed without being the issue owner or assignee.

  • Improved sorting and filtering on web and native
    For example, sorting Issues be deadline date.

  • Multi-select List question type

  • Zapier integration - connect OpsBase to your other business apps
    For example, when something happens in OpsBase, post a message in Microsoft Team.

  • Better user management to reflect how your business is structured and operates.

  • Emoji support 😎

☝️ Before you go...

Don't forget that we offer live training sessions at various times throughout the week, covering the following topics:

  • Getting Started (the basics)

  • Issues Management

  • Reporting

  • Advanced Features

If you prefer doing training on your own time, we also offer Self-Paced Training, which can be accessed here.

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