When building your Op, you can use the Additional Information box to provide more clarity or guidance. This box can allow you to expand knowledge, or introduce further details to help the completer successfully finish a task.

Also, you can support the information presented by combining it with the following:

  • Inserting a URL to direct the user to a specific web page.

  • Uploading an image in a PNG or JPEG format.

  • Inserting a video URL for YouTube or another external platform, and have it embedded in the Op Question.

  • Adding a file attachment

How to add Additional Information

To access the Additional Information box:

  • Open the Op you would like to add the information to

  • Go to the Procedure tab

  • Select the Question of your choice

  • Open the Details menu (pink bar on the right of the screen)

  • Click on the Information tab to open the text box.

The text formatting buttons will enable you to shape the writing introduced to make it more clear for your Staff.

In order to add extra attachments, links or images, follow these steps:

  • For a URL link - simply paste the link in the text box; or select the word/sentence you would like to host the link, click on the URL icon and paste the link on the small pop-up window that appears

  • To add an image - click on the image icon and follow the steps on your system's File browser to locate your photo

  • To add a video - click on the third icon and enter the video URL in the small pop-up dialogue

By clicking on the Attachments tab you can also add a Word file, CSV (Excel), PDF or a zip folder.


Remember you can add one or more of these additions at the same time to reinforce the information given in your Ops.

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