Operations lay at the heart of OpsBase and we also refer to them as Ops.

Ops can be checklists, processes, audits and more... essentially what needs to be done

Your Administrator 🧑‍💻will assign you and your team Ops that need to be completed and you will be able to access these and submit them on the 📱Native App.

Before I show you how to do that it's important to clarify that there are two kind of Ops:

  • Scheduled Ops 🗓️

  • On Demand Ops ☑️

Scheduled Ops are operations that have been scheduled for you to complete at a specific time and they can be recurring daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

On Demand Ops can instead be started ad-hoc and be completed whenever required.

The On Demand feature can also be activated for Scheduled Ops so that you would be allowed to perform an operation whenever necessary and not only when scheduled.

Let's now see how to find and submit both Scheduled and Ad Hoc Ops... ⬇️

Now that you have submitted your first Op let's learn all about Issues 🎉

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