When you create an Issues report in the system showing exactly the data that you wish to see, it is possible to:

  • Share it as a PDF for printing or viewing on-screen 💻

  • Export the data as CVS, XML or JSON for analysis in other systems 🧐

Once you have the data that you want displayed in the Issues Log (by applying filters or navigating to a saved report), you can then click the 3 dots (more) menu, select Export, and choose between different formats to export your data:

PDF Reports 📎

If you choose the PDF option, you'll be prompted to choose an email address to send the report to, as well as options to customise the Title and Description.

CSV, JSON, and XML Reports 🖥️

If you choose the CSV, JSON or XML option, you'll only be prompted to choose an email address to send the Issues report to.

After clicking Export, a progress indicator is shown at the top right corner of the screen:

  • blue is In Progress

  • green is Ready

From here, you can choose to also download the Issues Report directly to your computer.

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