This release includes:

  • A configurable Reporting Dashboard

  • Interactive Charts and Graphs in Reporting

  • Hourly Reports

  • Native App performance enhancements

  • Many, many additional small improvements and fixes to enhance your OpsBase experience

- New -

Configurable Dashboard 📈

Now, within the OpsBase web app, admins have the ability to:

  • Add/remove graphs and charts of your choosing from Reporting

  • Rearrange, expand/contract size, and rename dashboard graphs

Learn more on how to do all these things here.

Hourly Reports 🕑

For businesses with set shifts, you can now filter your Op reports by times of day or specific hours. Once filtered by the hours of your choosing, save these reports to return to later and evaluate quickly (i.e. Day Shift and Night Shift).

- Improved -

Hide Empty Groups 👀

When grouping data in Reporting and Issues, you are now able to hide groups that contain no results.

This keeps your reports clean and clear of unnecessary information.

Add Question Columns ❓

Rather than having to spend the time creating custom columns yourself, the system now automatically creates them for you when filtering by Op Definition.

When ticked, your report will display responses to the individual Op questions selected.

Interactive Charts 📊

When charts and graphs are activated, you can now:

  • move around and hover your cursor over various colours to see data at a glance

  • click on the colours to filter your report by selected criteria

For ex: By hovering over this green area on the chart below, I can see that there were 7 Ops completed late on Oct 1st. If I was then to click on this area, the log would list these seven Ops for me to further evaluate.

Improved FormLogic for the Native App 📱

Although this is not an interactive feature for customers, our developers put in a lot of time and energy behind the scenes making changes that have vastly improved the UI.

Now, when completing long and or involved Ops on the Native App, you will experience increased speed in selecting answers, uploading photos, and submitting checks.

- Fixes -

Lastly, the following bugs, experienced by some customers, have been squashed 🐛

  • Amending Ops schedules no longer causes the browser to become unresponsive.

  • You can now export your reports to a CSV, even if there are holes in your data.

  • The data in Reporting can once again be grouped by Op Definition.

  • The Alerts Tab in the Native app will once again show all recent alerts, most recent appearing at the top.

  • When adding the PassFail column to your Ops Report, it will no longer be blank for scored Ops.

☝️ Before you go...

Don't forget that we offer live training sessions at various times throughout the week, covering the following topics:

  • Getting Started (the basics)

  • Issues Management

  • Reporting

  • Advanced Features

If you prefer doing training on your own time, we also offer Self-Paced Training, which can be accessed here.

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