When creating an Op you can also decide when this needs to be completed from your team members by creating a schedule or multiple ones.

In order to create/modify a schedule you would need to open an Op (or create one) and look for the When Tab at the top.

Ongoing Schedules 🔁

Creating a schedule allows you to decide within which timeframe the Op needs to be completed and also how often it needs to be completed, you can in fact set a schedule for an Op to be repeating on a:

  • Daily basis
  • Weekly basis
  • Monthly basis
  • Annual basis

Ops Spanning Multiple Days, Weeks and Months 📆

Some of your processes might not necessarily need to be competed on the same day. For example, electrical testing can be completed anytime 'this week'.

To facilitate this Ops schedules have a Start and End Date (in addition to Start/End Time).

In addition to facilitating Ops with a duration of more than 24 hours, this means it is now also possible to schedule Ops to start in the future e.g. a daily check that you want to become active from the 1st of the coming month.

Different schedules for different places 🏘

Sometimes in large Organisations the same Op might need to be completed at another Place/s but at different times.

You have the ability to associate your schedules to a specific Place/s, this prevents you from having to create duplicated Ops for each one of your sites.

You can add as many schedules as you deem necessary to effectively manage your Org.

On demand Ops ✅

Always in the When Tab you can enable/disable the On Demand feature.

This allows your users to perform an operation whenever necessary and not only when scheduled.

This can be particularly useful for Ops that don't need to be completed unless a particular event takes place ( for example Accident and Incident Log).

A little help from us 😁

In this video we show you how to create different types of schedules for your Ops.

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