Your release this week has two new features (in addition to many small improvements). These are:

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Audit Grading

Audit grading is completely configurable enabling you to specify your own 'grades' and your own 'grading methods'. Once set up within your Organisation Settings, these new fields become available in your reporting (just choose the appropriate columns to display). Read the complete 'how to' guide here.

Set grades...

Define the grading method...

Build reports...

Configurable Default Reports

By default (within Reporting and Issues) there are default reports for:

  • All Ops / All Issues

  • Last 7 Days (of Ops)

  • Open Issue

If you prefer to make your own version of these and/or create your own reports and make them 'mandatory' (i.e. displayed to all web app users), this is now possible within your Organisation Settings. You can also choose the 'default' report, so your most commonly used report displays automatically each time you visit the Ops and Issues Logs.

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