Op Grades can be used for scored Ops, such as Audits, Risk Assessments, Tests/Quizzes, etc. They are a set of rules based on the percentage of positive answers in your Ops.

This article will show you how to create and manage Grading Mechanisms for your Organisation. You can find the Op Grade configuration page under Settings > Advanced > Op Setup > Op Grades.

When first accessing the Op Grade page you will find preconfigured a list of Grades on the left, and Grading Mechanisms on the right side.


Grades help you determine how your Ops will be categorised, depending on their score.

Next to each Grade/name you can view and edit the Colour associated with them (Green, Orange, Red, Black, Dark Blue or Cyan), as well as their Result (Undetermined, Passed or Failed). Both of these can be customised the way you consider necessary.


To delete a Grade, hover your mouse over its name to reveal the Bin icon.

Grading Mechanisms

In this section, you will build sets of rules that best work for the processes in your Organisation, based on the score of your Ops. As mentioned before this is based on the percentage of favourable answers in it.

You can be as specific as you need by having specific grading methods for an Op in your Org, a Place, a Team, a Process, etc... 🙌🏻

By adding new rules to your Grading Mechanism you can create as many Grades as needed to classify the results obtained from your Ops.

e.g. In the example below:

  • A score of 50% or less is considered Red/Unsatisfactory/Fail

  • Between 50-60% is Black/Minor/Undetermined

  • 60-80% is Blue/Needs Improvement/Pass

  • And above 80% is Green/Satisfactory/Pass

  • Any other score will determine the Op as Red/Unsatisfactory).


The field at the bottom of the screen works like a calculator, so you can ensure your grading configuration works as expected.

How to apply Grades in your Ops

Now that you know how to create and manage Grading Mechanisms for your entire Org, let's see how these can be applied to a specific Op

Firstly you will need to open the Op of your choice and go to Op's Settings and enable Point Scoring.

Within the Scoring section, you will be able to select the Scoring Mechanism that best applies to the Op. The right side will show you the internal rules for the selected method.

Also, at the bottom of the section, you can set whether you want your team to see the question's scoring as they complete the Op, and/or if they will be able to see the final grade the Op achieves when completed. 👀

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