There are three places in the Web App where you can quickly access Issues that are raised by your Staff 🧐

Issues 📁

The Issues section of the left-hand menu contains any Issues raised by staff across your business.

It's important to remember:

  • Primary Admins can view all Issues
  • Place Admins can view only Issues raised at their associated Place/s

Operations ✔️

Under the 'Manage' section of the left-hand menu, you can access all of your Operations. By selecting the three dots next to any given Op, you can quickly access any Issues raised during the completion of the chosen Op.

After selecting 'View All Issues,' the Issues Log will open, automatically filtering the data to only show Issues that are related to that Op, whether they are New, In Progress or Closed.

People 👩‍🍳

Lastly, you can also view Issues that relate to a particular Staff member.

Under the 'Manage' section of the left-hand menu, select People. By selecting the three dots next to any given Staff, you are given the option to:

  • View Reported Issues - Issues the Staff have raised, either ad hoc or by completing an Op
  • View Assigned Issues - Issues that have been assigned to the Staff and require their attention or action
  • View Owned Issues - Issues that the Staff own and are responsible for managing, and closing when resolved

Now that you know where to track down your Issues, it's time to dive deeper into the Issues Log. 🆘

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