This article of the Self-Paced Training will teach you how you can create and manage Scoring mechanisms for Audits, Risk Assessments, Tests/Quizzes, etc. ⚙️

We will show you how to:


Scoring configuration is only accessible by Primary Admins

Configuring your Scoring system

Grades help you determine how your Ops will be categorised, depending on their score.

By navigating to Settings > Advanced > Op Setup > Op Grades, we are going to establish how Scores are implemented throughout your Organisation.

  • On the left-hand side, you can name the various grades that can be assigned to your Scored Ops.

  • On the right-hand side, you can build Grading Mechanisms, various rules to determine how the aforementioned grades are calculated when assigned.


Each Grade is also assigned a given colour, as well as a Pass/Fail status. Next to each Grade/name you can view and edit:

  • The Colour associated with them (Green, Orange, Red, Black, Dark Blue or Cyan)

  • Their Result (Undetermined, Passed or Failed)

Grading Mechanisms

In this section, you will build sets of rules that best work for the processes in your Organisation, based on the score of your Ops. As mentioned before this is based on the percentage of favourable answers in it.

You can be as specific as needed by having distinct grading methods for an Op in your Org, a Place, a Team, a Process, etc... 🙌🏻

By adding new rules to your Grading Mechanism you can create as many Grades as needed to classify the results obtained from your Ops.

Here's a breakdown of the example above:

  • A score of 50% or less is considered Red/Unsatisfactory/Fail

  • Between 50-60% is Black/Minor/Undetermined

  • 60-80% is Blue/Needs Improvement/Pass

  • Above 80% is Green/Satisfactory/Pass

  • Any other score will determine the Op as Red/Unsatisfactory).

Op and Question scoring configuration

Op scoring configuration

Let's see how the configured Scoring can be applied to a specific Op. To turn scoring on for the Op of your choice:

  • Open the Op you wish to add scoring to

  • Navigate to the Settings tab

  • Turn on Points scoring enabled?

In the Scoring section, you will be able to determine which Grading Mechanism you wish to use for the Op; and enable whether you want to make the points scored and/or the PassFail status visible to the person completing the Op.

Question scoring configuration

Once the overall Op scoring is active on the Settings tab of your Op (as seen above), when building your Op (on the Procedure tab) you will be able to assign or remove points to all of the possible responses for every question selected.

These changes are immediately reflected in the preview for your Op:

As well as set points, in this section, there are also options to:

  • Ignore a response: This makes that particular answer to the question not applicable in terms of scoring, but other responses to the question can have points values.

  • Ignore a question: This makes the whole question not applicable in terms of scoring, and no possible responses will be considered in the scoring outcome.

Now that you have learned all about creating impressive Audits for your Org, let's jump on our final article, let's have a look at Workflows ⚙️

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