The Pause Question Type allows you to stop the Op for a set time 🚫 before the following question/s are displayed.

This means you can prevent the user from proceeding with the next question on the Op until the time has elapsed (though you can optionally allow the user to change the timer duration).

Let's see together how easy it is to set up a Pause Question on the Web App 🖥️


Is the user required to keep the Op open while he waits for the timer to end?

Absolutely not, the user can exit the Op and proceed with other tasks in the meantime. He will be notified with an alarm 🚨 once the timer is up and he can resume the Op ⬇️

If the user cannot resume the Op straight away, how will I know when they have effectively resumed the Op?

The actual time taken (including lateness) is visible in Reporting.

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