The Repetition question allows you to automatically repeat the same set of questions multiple times without having to add additional entries to your Op. 🔁

To start building your Repetition question, navigate to the Op builder and ensure you select the right type for the main question.

Then, on the right-side panel, decide whether your staff will need to repeat the questions:

Once this has been configured, you can start adding tasks/questions below your repetition question as usual.

Set number of times

The Primary/Place admin building the Op will decide how many times the set of questions ought to be repeated.

This option is very useful for set deliveries with a regular amount of items expected, daily checks, etc.

Unlimited times

By choosing this option you allow your staff to repeat the set of questions as many times as they consider necessary.

This is helpful for those audits when, for example, you don't know an exact number of items beforehand.

Items in a list

For those instances when you require your staff to repeat tasks based on a series of items/regular procedures. You can use the List repetition question to name those items/procedures, making it clear what information is relevant to each.

For example, daily temperature checks at your site.

Now that you know how to use all the Advanced Questions it's time to introduce you to another one of our Advanced Features ⬇️

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