The Form Flow Question Type allows you to ask different questions (or present different information) based on the user response, using conditional logic.

This will allow you to create specific scenarios based entirely on your staff's responses.


By adding Form Flow Questions to our Ops you can get your staff to provide further and more specific information; for example: to elaborate on an incident that occurred during your daily operations, to define tasks performed by a contractor, to raise a stock issue, etc.

How to configure Form Flows

The Form Flow icon will help you set what answer you would like your staff to elaborate more on.

In the picture below, we want the team to indicate what benches and shelving did not pass the inspection ✔❌. When the staff member taps on the answer No, a new set of questions will unfold asking them to indicate which ones.

It is good to remember that for Form Flows we can also select different Types of Questions to better understand the answers our staff will give. 💬

All the changes applied to our Op will be reflected on the Op Preview that can be found on the left side of the screen, or as a pop-up window by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. 🔎


You can allow your team to add Notes and/or raise Issues directly from the questions by enabling the option on the Op's Settings.

To learn about the next advanced Question Type click on the below button ⬇️

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