Notifications are an important way to ensure that your Staff are aware of Issues they are responsible for 🆘

We will cover:

  • Who receives Issue notifications

  • When those notifications are triggered

  • How those notifications are received


Owners and Assignees will receive the notifications for Issues. These can be assigned to:

  • Single staff members

  • A Positions

  • A Team


When an Issue is assigned to a Position or a Team, everyone in that Position/Team will get a notification.


Assignees and Owners will receive a notification in the following circumstances:

  • When a new Issue is raised

  • If an Issue is reassigned, the new assignee will receive a notification

  • When a new comment is added to the Issue


The Notifications can arrive in different ways:

  • Push- similar to any other app's notifications on your device

  • In-App- whilst navigating the Native app, notifications will show as a pop-up in the middle of the screen to action or dismiss. If dismissed they will appear in the Alerts menu (top right corner of the OpsBase app)

  • Alerts- in the bell icon mentioned before you will find all the notifications relevant to your user

  • E-mail- OpsBase users and external non-users can receive communication when a new Issue is triggered

Now, you can rest easy knowing your Staff have the tools and access necessary to stay on top of the Issues that may arise within your business so they can be resolved as soon as possible.

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