You have come along way, and all that you have built and configured in the system has brought you to this point. You ready?

Your Issues are raised, either from the completion of an Op or raised ad hoc, and come into the Issues Log. The Owner and the Assignee are notified of said Issue and now it is down to them, and you as the Primary or Place Admin, to manage and stay on top of the Issues to make sure they are resolved quickly.

This can be done in both the Web and Native App; however, there are different capabilities, depending on which one you are using:

Web App 💻 (for Primary and Place Admin)

Native App 📱 (for all Staff)

As much as we hope to keep the Issues Log empty, by managing the Issues efficiently, more likely than not, there will always be some New ones popping up, or In Progress ones waiting to be addressed and closed.

For that reason, it's important for you to learn how to build and save custom reports in the Issues Log to access quickly and help you stay on top of things! 💪

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