One of the very first steps of Issues management within the OpsBase system is to configure your Issue Types and Issue Flags in the Organisation Settings.


Remember that Organisation Settings are only accessible by Primary Admins.

We will show you all the ways you can configure your Issues to make sure that, when raised, they are identified and categorised correctly. We will cover:

You can find this configuration menu under Settings > Advanced > Issue Setup.

Issue Types

Issue Types are very similar to the Ops Types, in that they allow you to categorise and group your Issues to better understand the nature of each incident. 👀

The system will automatically suggest 6 categories by default, these can be renamed, more can be added or you can delete them by clicking on the Bin icon that appears next to the name.

However, you decide to arrange them on this screen is how they will be displayed across the platform.

Issue Flags

Issue Flags can be used however works best for your business, but they are mainly used to determine the priority of the Issues within your Organisation 🚩.

The Flags labels can be changed to anything you may consider appropriate, these suggestions are set by default by the system.


The Issue Wokflow article will show you how to build Business Rules to be triggered according to your Issue Flags.

Once you get your Issue Types and Flags configured, we can now move on to how Issues are raised...

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