As an Administrator of the system, you also have the ability to share and export your data from Analytics.

You are able to export reports for Single or Multiple Ops:

  • Single-Op reports can be exported as a PDF file or as a Shareable report URL

  • Multi-Op Reports allow you to create a PDF file for printing or viewing on-screen or export the data as CVS, XML or JSON for analysis in other systems 🧐

Single-Op Reports

When viewing Single-Op reports on the Analytics page, you are able to export the data as a PDF file as well as a Shareable report URL.

Once you have retrieved in Analytics the Op you would like to share, when you click on it you will observe these two buttons to export the Op:

Whilst the Generate a PDF Report button generates/sends a PDF file to the email of your choice, the Open a Shareable Report option provides a link to a live page that displays all the Op's information and answers. As well as staying up to date with any new developments in the Issues raised and their status change, comments, etc...


The Shareable Report URL can be shared with anyone, even non-OpsBase users

Multiple-Op Reports

If you wish to export a Multiple-Op Report; once your report is built on the Analytics page, navigate to the More Options menu (3 vertical dots on the top right corner) and click on the Export menu.

This menu will let you choose the type of file you can export:

  • PDF - Small uneditable file to easily share via email

  • CSV - To be used in platforms like Microsoft Excel, etc.

  • JSON - For external implementation in other platforms

  • XML - To store and transport content over the internet

Selecting one of these options will prompt you with a window to enter the email address you would like it to be sent to as well as a Title and, optionally, a description.

As well as sending the file to the email address of your preference, the system will also make it available on the top right of the screen.

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