Once you have configured and filtered the information you would like your report to show, You can save that configuration to be able to return to it whenever necessary.

There are two ways to save a report 💾:

  • From the More Options menu (3 dots on the top right corner), click on the Save button

  • By expanding the Manage Reports menu bar (pink bar on the left), you can click on the Save as New Report button on the top.

Both these procedures will prompt you with a window to name your report before adding your configured view to the list of reports in the Manage Reports menu.

When viewing your saved reports, by hovering over the name 4 small icons will pop up next to the report's name to allow you to:

  • Edit the report's name

  • Delete it

  • Share it- make it available for other Admins in your Org in their Manage Report's menu

  • Star it- add to the top bar of your Analytics page for even faster reference


Review the Ops and Issues Settings article to learn how to make reports mandatory in your Org's Admin's Analytics page.

Let's now move on to learning how to export this information from OpsBase ⬇️

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