This article breaks down how and what information you can review when analysing a single Op report within Analytics.

When you open a single Op report the window is divided into two sections:

  • For Completed Ops, you are able to see what answers have been giving by the completer of the Op

  • On the left, you are able to see:

    • Op status

    • Date/time of when the Op is due

    • The Place that is assigned to

    • Who has completed the Op or who is the Assignee (Staff, Team or Position)

    • For completed Ops, you are able to see the date and time to the Op was started and when it was submitted

    • If the location services are turned on your team's device, you will see a map with their position

At the bottom of the window, you will find two buttons that will allow you to:

  • Export the Op with a live Shareable live report URL. When an Issue is raised within an Op, this report will automatically stay up to date with any changes made to the Issue. It can be shared even with people outside your Org.

  • Generate a PDF report that you can print

It's as simple as that.

Any information submitted by your team can be accessed quickly and with ease.

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