Setting up your Org in OpsBase it's really simple 🎉, however, it is fundamental for Admin Users to understand how all the gears work together on the platform.

When configuring your Org, we suggest you create the following in the given order to successfully start using OpsBase:

  1. One Place or more

  2. At least one Team and associate it to the existing Place/s

  3. One or multiple Positions and associate them to a Team/s

  4. Individual Staff users and associate them to Position/s and all the Places they can work at, these actions will automatically associate them with the relevant Teams

  5. Create your first Op and assign it to the Place/s it is available at, as well as the Teams and/or Positions responsible for it


Is important that each item is set up correctly with the next one. A feeble configuration in your Org can cause you to hit a blocker at some point.

See the following articles for further information on how to create your Org

Add and Organise New Places

Add Teams and Positions

Add Users

Creating and Managing Ops

Staff Users and Teamboards

A correct configuration of these aspects of your Org will also determine what Ops are available for Individual devices as opposed to TeamBoards:

  • When accessing the Native App with individual login - users will be able to see all the Ops and Issues associated with their User, Position/s and Team/s.

  • When using a Teamboard - users will only be able to see Ops and Issues assigned to a specific Team and Place (as per the configured configuration done by the Admin within the Web App). They won't be able to view Ops and Issues assigned to specific Positions or Staff.


See our TeamBoard Configuration and Management article for further information

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