Once your Staff begin completing the Ops on the Native App, you can now start reporting on the data that is being collected in the Reporting Tab.

There are a variety of ways to access the Reporting within the Web App:

Through the Dashboard

When you first login to the Web App, you will see the OpsBase Dashboard, which allows you to have oversight of Place performance and Op performance.

We will dive more into how you use and understand your Dashboard later, but from the heat map on the left hand side, you are able to click on the percentages to jump into the Reporting and evaluate how the percentages were calculated.

Through the left hand menu

The quickest way to navigate to the Reporting is through the left hand menu of the Web App, underneath Logbook

Once you click on Reporting , you will be presented with a default overview of all of your Ops data from the last 7 days. From here you can search and filter for the information you wish to see. (More on this in a bit!)

From your Operations list

Lastly, by clicking on the Operations list - found under Manage in the left hand menu - hover over the three dots next to every Op.

From here you can click 'View Ops Log' and see all data associated with the particular Op you came from.

Now that you know all the various ways you can access the Reporting, let's discover more about your Dashboard...

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