Once your Staff has been completing Ops on the Native App, you can start analysing the data that is being collected in the Analytics Tab.

Across the Web App, there are places where you can find glimpses of the data generated at your Org whilst operating with OpsBase. However, all of the information will mainly be found in the Analytics menu.


When you first log in to the Web App, on the left-hand side you will find the Analytics tab.

Once you access it, you will be presented with the Dashboard, a default overview of all of your Ops' data from the last 7 days. From here you can search and filter for the information you wish to see. 👀

From the two tabs at the top, you are able to navigate between the Operations and the Issues created at your Org.

History tab

When viewing an Op configuration, you can navigate to the History tab to view how the Op you are currently editing has performed in your Org in the past. 📈

Now that you know all the various ways you can access the data in Analytics, let's discover more about your Dashboard...

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