Very often, Issues will be raised whilst performing an Op or an Audit. As these ought to be actioned upon, it is important to be able to easily access all Issues raised from an Op (when viewing an Op), and vice-versa, the Op that the Issues were raised from (when viewing Issues).

At the same time, you may also want to perform broader reports. The following features on the Analytics page will help you do this:

Op Reporting

There are several tools that you can combine to create reports that will help you better identify Ops that have Issues associated with them, you can:

  • Use the Issues filter to display only the Ops with associated Issues

  • Add the Issues column to your report, which will show how many have been raised and colour coded by status (e.g. New, In Progress, Closed).

  • Apply the Group By tool a specific Op Definition (Op title).

Issues Reporting

Similarly to when reviewing Ops, whilst looking at the Issues Analytics, there are several ways that you can review what Ops were Issues generated at; you can:

  • Apply the Has Associated Op filter to display only the Issues raised from an Op/Audit.

  • Add the Associated Op column to your report to see at a glance which Op it was raised from.

  • Filter by Op Definition if there is a particular Op or Audit that you are interested in.

  • Narrow down your view by a specific Op by applying the Group By Op Definition.

Individual Op Details

When viewing an individual Op Details screen, you can switch between the Answers and Issues tab to see those created whilst completing the Op. Click on an Issue title to open the Issue Details screen.


The number badge indicates how many Issues have been raised and their status by colour (New, In Progress, Closed)

Individual Issue Details

When viewing the Issue Details screen, if the Issue was raised whilst performing an Op, the associated Op will be linked. Clicking the link will open the Op Details screen.

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