This feature is best explained with an example...

Imagine you're looking at a staff record and you have the question 'I wonder which issues are currently assigned to this person', then you'd want to quickly pull this information instantly (instead of having to navigate to the reports section and build that report).

Below we explain:

  • Where you can use quick reports

  • How to access quick reports

Where you can use quick reports...

Quick reports can be accessed in the following places:

  • Operations
    View the entire Op History for the selected Op Definition
    All Issues raised whilst performing this Op Definition

  • Users (i.e. Settings -> Users)
    View all Ops completed by this person
    All Issues raised by this person
    All Issues assigned to this person

How to access quick reports...

Hover over the record in question e.g. the staff member, then select the report you'd like to see.

If you click the View Assigned Issues option for Michael Douglas...

...then it will automatically open a report showing all Issues assigned to him.

It is then quick and easy to apply additional reporting filters to narrow down the data that is important to you e.g.

  • New and In Progress (i.e. not Closed)

  • Overdue (based on deadline)

Once you have the report looking as you wish (with the desired columns showing), you can then Save this new report to re-use in future.

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