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Breaking Down Your Org

The infographic below provides the definition (as well as examples) of common terms that are used across the OpsBase system:

Staff Permissions

OpsBase has 3 user types:

  • Primary Admin
    Full access to everything (all features, Places, Sites, etc plus Organisation Settings and billing).
  • Place (Site) Admin
    Access to Logs (reports) for Ops and Issues. Plus access to manage Ops, Issues and Blasts. All access is limited to the Places/Sites that they are assigned.
  • Staff
    Native app access only (to the Places they are assigned).

User types can be changed in the Manage People section of the Web app.

The infographic below shows you which area of OpsBase you will access to, depending on your designated user type:

To dive deeper and learn more about Staff permissions, check out the Help File here.

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