Finally, once you have built your first Op, your team is ready to begin completing Ops on the Native app 📱

Ops can be started on-demand (ad-hoc) or follow a pre-set Schedule configured by the Admin users in your Organisation.

Ad-Hoc Ops

On-demand Ops can be started anytime by navigating to the Operations tab and tapping on the pink plus button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Scheduled Ops

Those procedures created by your Org's Admin users with an assigned schedule will appear on your To-Do list when you open OpsBase on the Native app.


Review the possible questions types you can find in your Ops in our Ops Question Types article

Whilst completing your Op, you will see a progress percentage bar on the top right corner, as well as a Save button that allows you to save the answers given so far and finish completing your Op later on.


Ops can be built to allow for Notes and Issues to be added to each individual question

Click on the button below to learn how to configure a shared device in your Organisation.

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