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Now that your Org is configured and your Ops are built, you and your staff can now begin carrying out their required tasks, checklists, and audits on the Native app.

The Native app is a mobile application that can be installed on both Apple iOS or Android - tablets and mobile devices. 📱

To download the app, click the links below or navigate to the Apple App Store / Google Play store on your device and search for OpsBase.

After downloading and opening the app on your device, you will be prompted with various options depending on if you are singing into OpsBase from a private device or a shared one:

  • Individual devices

    • Access your profile using an email address previously assigned to your user

    • Use a phone number to log into your account


Read our OpsBase Native App / TeamBoard Login article for further information

Once logged into the Native app, you will be able to start completing Ops and raising issues. The three tabs at the bottom will allow you to navigate OpsBase:

  • Operations. The tab on the left gives you access to start ad-hoc Ops as well as to the To-Do list of scheduled ones for the day. Your view will depend on the Ops assigned to your user or the Teams/Positions it is associated with. See the Ops List Filters article for more information

  • Issues. The middle tab lets you view, manage and raise Issues in your Org. Visit the Managing Issues in the Native App article for further information.

  • Settings. You can configure your user information as well as notifications, review our Help Files, contact Support, etc.

  • Alerts. The top right corner will give you access to the alerts menu where you will receive any notifications when Ops or Issues are assigned to your user or as a result of Op Business Rule or an Issue Business Rule.

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