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It is time to build your very first Op within the OpsBase System.

An Op is a business procedure that comes in the form of a checklist that can be repeated in time. Its purpose can vary from cleaning checklist, audit, safety check, staff evaluation, etc...

To start building your Op, on the Web App:

  • Navigate to Operations and click on the pink + button on the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Select Create an empty operation and click Next. (Visit our Op Template Library for some already-built Ops that may be useful for your business)

  • In the following screen, enter a Title and continue with Next

  • The next window will prompt you to enter the Place/s that this Op will be available at and which Team and/or Positions will be responsible to carry it out

  • After accepting this configuration, the following screen displays at the top all the tabs that will allow you to configure your Op in-depth:

    • The Overview tab allows you to have a summary of the most relevant information about your Op: settings, Op performance, issues raised, etc.

    • In the Procedure section, you are able to create the content of your Operation and add tasks, questions or instructions

    • The Schedule tab allows you to manage when the Op needs to be performed

    • History allows you to explore the Op's Analytics section but focused on the performance of this particular Op

    • The Issues tab gives you a clear overview of how many issues have been raised through this Operation

    • In the different sections within Settings, you are able to manage all configurations for your Operation: Op type, Scoring, Notes & Issues, etc.

    • Business rules are used to ensure that the correct people in your business is notified when an Op's status change

Together, all these tabs tailor how your Op will behave in the hands of your staff: when it can be completed, workflows, Issues associated with it, etc. However, the Procedure tab is the one that will define the tasks that your team will need to complete.


Review our Creating and Managing Ops article to learn more about the different tabs inside your Op

Procedure tab

The Procedure tab is divided into 3 sections:

  • In the Op Builder in the middle area, you can add, edit and remove the questions that represent your Op. You can choose from a wide range of Op Question Types

  • The Preview panel on the left, allows you to get a glimpse of how the questions added in the Op Builder will be seen by your Staff when completing it

  • The Details menu to the right, allow you to tune the preferences for each question in your Op when selected

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