Before you begin creating your first Op, you need to properly configure your Org.

We will explain the relationships between your Places, Teams, Positions, Staff and how that determines who sees what and why:

  1. Start by entering your company's physical locations to your Org, your Places (navigate to Settings > Places)

  2. Following, add the Teams that work at the sites entered in the first step (Settings > Advanced > User Setup)

  3. Continue to break down your Teams even further by adding Positions (Settings > Advanced > User Setup > Positions)

  4. Once the structure of your business is laid out in OpsBase, you can start entering your Staff into the system (Settings > Users)

In the example above, Sarah's role as a Chef makes her part of the BOH Team, and she is able to work/see BOH Ops for both sites A and B. Her Position as a Manager at site B makes her part of the Office Team as well.


Staff members will be associated with Positions and Places. Each team member's configuration will determine what Teams they are part of.

As seen above, in order to start configuring your Org in the Web App, you can follow the articles below on how to:

Once you have finished setting up your Organisation, you will be able to define where (Places) an Op should be carried out and who (Position/Teams) should carry it out.

But first, there is one more configuration we need to complete! Follow me... ๐Ÿ”ฝ

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