Now that you have successfully logged into the web app, you will learn your way around the OpsBase platform 👀

The main column on the left allows you to navigate between:

  • To-Do list - Here you will be able to complete any Ops assigned to your user or available; as well as monitor Issues raised in your Org

  • Operations - This section allows you to build and manage the checklists generated for your Staff

  • Analytics - This lets you review the information entered by your team when completing Ops and raising Issues

  • Settings - This enables you to configure your company in OpsBase (Places, Teams, Users, etc)

Across the platform in most of the pages, you will find a pink + button on the bottom right side of the screen, that enables you to add a new item according to what page you are currently on: new user in the user page, build a new Op, etc.

On the top right, you will find a Profile icon where you can review your user's configuration and notifications.

On the bottom left, there is the Intercom widget that amongst other things, puts you in contact with our dedicated Support team and provides you access to the OpsBase HelpFiles.

Pretty simple really. 😃 Let's dive deeper now and begin setting up your OpsBase system with some essential data.

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