Whether you are Creating and Managing Ops or browsing our Op Template Library, the Op Preview helps you get a glimpse of how your Op will look on the Native app.

Op Builder Preview

The Op Builder in the Procedure tab gives you two ways to preview how your Ops will be seen by your Staff:

  • Preview menu bar - The vertical pink bar on the left side of the screen expands to show a simulation of your Questions

  • Full window Preview - this button will open up in a new tab in your browser to display a full preview of your Op

Op Template Preview

When creating a new Op, you have the option to use one of the Ops already formulated for you in our Op Template Library.

After navigating to the Template of your choice, you will find the Preview icon next to the Op's name/description.


You can import multiple Templates at the same time, but they can only be amended after they have been added to your library.

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