At the time of launching the OpsBase template library, there are over 70 templates available for you to use - and this library is growing all of the time.

The template are categorised by:

  • Source (so that you know where they originated e.g. Safer Food, Better Business)
  • Category; and
  • Industry (to help you quickly find templates of interest to you)

Of course, you can search for templates by keyword too.

Once you've chosen a template, you can amend it to better suit your needs if you wish.

Adding Templates to your Organisation

Starting on the Operations menu in the web app, click the + button to add a new Op

Select the option to create a new Op based on a template

Click Next, then search or browse for your desired templates.

NOTE that is is possible to choose multiple templates at once.

If you click on the mobile phone icon (highlighted in the image below), you can open a preview of the Op.

Click Next and you're then able to configure which Sites, Teams and Positions should have access to perform these Ops.

NOTE that you can also change the Op title (as highlighted) and also choose whether to enable the Op immediately.

You may also remove templates if desired by clicking the bin icon.

Once you're happy with the settings, click Done and the new Ops will appear in your list for you to amend.

It is recommended that you check them and make changes to the schedule and notification settings to suite your individual business needs.

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