This release has been all about building features to help you deal with the 'new normal' and manage the return to work. Click the title links for more detailed 'how to' information.

Template Library

You can now access, use and amend any of our 70+ Op templates from our ever-growing library. This includes new COVID-19 templates based on the latest government and industry advice.

Employee Communications (Blasts)

Send important messages targeted to specific sites, teams or roles.

Op and Question Scoring

Particularly useful for auditing and staff quizzes (to verify knowledge levels), assign scores to responses for each question and receive a total at the end.

Simplified Sign-Up and Sign-In

​New users can access the web app in 3 easy steps.

  1. Click link in the invitation email

  2. Choose a password

  3. Log in

Web App Usability

​We've redesigned many parts of the web app to make it easier to understand and complete tasks with less clicks e.g. all Issue information is available on a single screen.

New Native App - with a Progress Dashboard

The native app has also been redesigned to navigate more easily with buttons to navigate always available along the bottom. It is also far easier to start new ad-hoc Ops and switch between those and scheduled Ops. There are many similar improvements throughout.

​Your team can now also see how they're progressing through their daily tasks, with important messages and open issues being brought to their attention on the Home screen.

Op Previews (in the web app)

When picking an Op from a template or building a new Op, you can seen an interactive preview of how it will look on the native app.

Easy-Access Reporting and Sharing

Reports are now accessed via their own tab and any report view can be downloaded as a shareable PDF.

Report Exports

Report data can be exported as CSV, XML or JSON for further analysis in your preferred tool (e.g. Excel), or can be imported into other systems.

Timed Op Question Type

This new question type pauses an Op for a defined period before allowing it to continue. It is useful for baking and hot-hold processes where you want to ensure correct times have elapsed before the next action is taken. You'll also be able to report on 'lateness'.

Much, much, more...

In addition to the features above, we've been through the whole system fixing and tweaking to provide you with a constantly improving user experience so that you can focus on the work that matters most to you.

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