Some questions may require for an Issue to be raised, they allow us to ensure that follow-up actions are created, managed and resolved.

When building your Op:


Raising Issues is directly linked with how your Issues Setup, Flags and Types are configured; make sure to review our Op and Issues Settings article.

Raise an Issue from Form Flow question

To get your Staff to raise an Issue as a result of an answer given, you can activate the Issue button next to the response of your choice on the Details menu (pink bar on the right).

Once selected, your Issue's follow up question will be added to the Op. You have the option to predetermine the Issue configuration in the Details Tab:

  • Issue title

  • Issue Type

  • Issue Flag (priority)

  • Deadline to be completed by

You can also allow your Staff to override these values when filling in the Issue information.


The Issue Form Flow can only be triggered when using one of the following Question Types: Checkbox, Number, List and Rating.

Read our Op Question Types article to find out more about them.

Raising Issues Ad-hoc

For those circumstances where your Staff needs to raise Issues that have not been accounted for beforehand, you can activate the option to allow Notes and Issues to be added to any question. You can do this from your Op's Settings tab,

With this method, the completer will be able to raise issues and define the Issue's Title, Type, Flag (priority), etc.


You can configure Issues to trigger Workflows that will notify certain Teams, Staff members, etc. Check our Op Workflows article to learn more.

You might want to review the Notifications section of our Profile Settings article.

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