Blasts are one-way communications, announcements, that can be sent by OpsBase web Admins to Staff that use the OpsBoard or TeamBoard apps.

These messages can be targeted to specific Sites and/or Teams so that the right message is received by the right people.

Features of Blasts include:

  • Title, Message and Image

  • Send 'now' or Schedule to automatically send at a predetermined time

  • Choose the 'audience' for the message

To send a blast, select the Comms menu item in the web app.

Click the + button to add a new blast.

Specify which Sites and Teams should receive the communication.

Click Next, then enter your Subject, Text Content and Image as desired.

Click Next and choose when to send the message.

  • Send it now - sends immediately

  • Don't send it yet - leaves it in a Draft state to be sent later

  • Send it later - allows you to schedule a time in the future for it to auto-send

Click Done when you're finished. A summary of all Blasts is then displayed.

Blasts will be received by your staff using the OpsBoard (individual login) or TeamBoard (shared device) apps.

They'll see a red dot on the menu to indicate new/unread items and a badge count on the Blasts menu item.

Clicking on the menu item will lists all Blasts (with a red dot indicating all unread).

Clicking on a Blast will show the full Blast communication.

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