The two highlights of this much anticipated release are:

  • Op Notifications and Alerts

    Within the web app you can assign an Op Supervisor and optionally turn on notifications (via email and/or app) for events including Op Due, Op Late, Op Completed and Op Missed. The Due and Late notifications can also be turned on for the Op Performer to help ensure checks are completed on time. These will appear as notifications on the device.

    Within the native app, there is an Alerts page (accessed via the menu) which displays a history of all notifications received so that you can see what has happened since you last checked.

    The updated alerts and notifications also work on Issues (when they're Raised, Reassigned or Commented on).

  • Sophisticated Issue Management

    Previously, if you wanted to raise an issue from an Op response (e.g. temperature out of range), then it was necessary to use a red flag. In this update the 'response colour' system has been separated from the act of raising an issue. And, when an issue is raised (using the new Issue question type), you're able to configure the issue Title, Category (which is used to auto-assign it to the correct person/team) and Flag.

An introduction to each feature is provided in the two videos below.

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