This article will help you troubleshoot the most common reasons why Ops may not be appearing on the OpsBoard Native app (logging in with your own credentials) or the TeamBoard Native app (shared device login). This article will show you how to:


If your Op is not scheduled (i.e. it can be run on-demand, which we call Ad-Hoc), then you'll need to click the + button on the Op screen in the native app to see the list of available Ad-Hoc ops.

Check your Ops

The first thing to check is that the Ops are enabled by going to your Ops overview. 👀

Once you're sure that the Ops are enabled, open them up and check:

  • Sites (Where) - are they associated with the correct Sites

  • Teams and Positions (Who) - are they assigned to the correct people

  • Schedule (When) - are they scheduled at the right times at the appropriate Sites

At the same time, note whether the Schedule is timed/ad-hoc or both; then you can check both the To-Do List and Ad-Hoc Op list in the native app.


In the above screenshot, you can observe the Calendar and the Hand icon that indicate when the Op is Scheduled and/or available on Native, respectively.

Check your Login Permissions

First double-check how you're logged in to the Native app by clicking the menu button and then your name/TeamBoard name at the top. 👷‍♀️

If you're logged in with TeamBoard permissions...

Check the TeamBoard in the web app (Settings > Users > Teamboards) and make sure the Sites and Teams match the Ops you checked earlier. 

If the TeamBoard doesn't have permissions to see the Sites and Teams that the Op is configured for, then the Ops won't show.

If you're logged in with your own individual credentials...

Check the corresponding Staff record and ensure that the Sites and Positions match the Ops you checked previously. 

If the staff member doesn't have permission to see the Sites and Teams that the Op is configured for, then the Ops won't show.


When you associate a person with a Position, they are auto-associated with the relevant Team. You can double-check these by looking at the Staff/Positions settings in the web app.

Check the Op History

If everything else looks correct but the Op still isn't showing, then the last thing to check is that (for Scheduled Ops) they haven't already been completed.

If the Op is Complete and not scheduled to run again today, then it won't appear in the native app.

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