In this release we bring you...

  • Shareable individual Op reports in PDF and web format

  • Links from Ops to the Issues they generate

  • The ability to specify Op Supervisors

Scroll down to learn more or watch this short video that introduces them all...

Shareable Op Reports

Share a report of an individual Op with anyone. The reports are available in PDF format for emailing and via live (always up-to-date) URL. The reports contain all of the information that you could possibly want about the Op and the responses that were provided.

See our Reporting on Ops article for more information.

See a list of all Issues that were created when carrying out an Op by clicking on the Issues tab whilst viewing the Op answers.

Click the blue Issue title to view more details about the issue.

Specify Op Supervisors

When creating and editing Ops you can now specify a Supervisor (that can be a person, position/role or team).

At the time of this release the feature isn't active. It is a stepping stone toward an upcoming release which is the ability to notify Supervisors of time-sensitive events (such as an Op not being completed on time).

Watch this space for more info in upcoming releases!

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