New Features in this Release:

This release has been mainly focused on ease-of-use and underlying technology development to facilitate some exciting features in coming weeks (read more on that in 'under-the-hood' below):

  • An updated side menu bar for more logical navigation

  • New user interface for easier selection and creation (e.g. of teams)

  • Powerful Op scheduling features (different times for different sites)

Simplified Side Navigation Menu

This has now been updated so that you can easily find what you're looking for e.g. Sites are no longer found within 'Assets', they have their own menu item.

New User Interface for Easier Creation and Selection

All around the web app, every time you need to select from a list the process has been made easier with two new features (highlighted below):

  1. SELECT ALL...

    This will select everything (that exists now and in future). It means that if you create a new site, team, etc they will also be included automatically.

  2. Create new (from within Select)

    If the item you want to select doesn't exist, then you can create it from where you are instead of having to go to another area of the system first and then come back. Much easier, much simpler, much quicker.

Powerful Op Scheduling

A single Op can now be both scheduled and ad-hoc (i.e. performed on demand). 

In addition, it is also possible to have the same Op performed at different times in different sites. One example of where this is useful is for sites in different countries where services start at different times of day, but the checks are the same.

The example below shows all (selected/permitted) sites performing the Op at 8am, but different times later in the morning (as well as being able to use the checklist on demand).


In addition to the features you'll see when using the new version of OpsBase, we've also been working hard on our underlying technology so that you'll soon have:

  • Advanced Op notifications (never miss an Op)

  • Reporting dashboards (quickly see where to focus your resources)

  • Data and reporting exports (e.g. PDF downloads)

  • Op template picker (choose from a growing library)

You can look forward to these going live in coming weeks.

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