This article describes the minimum, officially supported software for use with the OpsBase platform.

'Officially supported' means that if there is a bug (fault) we will endeavour to fix it. Our solution may work on older versions, but we don't guarantee it and will not normally devote resource to resolving issues that only occur on legacy solutions.

In general, we support the latest major release and the previous major release from the main software providers (Google and Apple).

OpsBase Web App (for Admins)

Our web app has been optimised to run on the Google Chrome browser (which is available for Mac and PC, including Windows, Linux and Chrome OS).

We always recommend updating to the latest version of Google Chrome as this contains all of Google's latest fixes, performance and security enhancements.

Whenever you use our web app, you'll always be using the latest release, so there will never be an OpsBase web app update required.

If you do experience problems with our web app in other browsers, please first retry on the latest version of Google Chrome before contacting Support.

OpsBase OpsBoard / TeamBoard (native app)

Our native app runs on iOS and Android (with Google Play Store) mobiles/tablets and can be downloaded from the respective app stores. It is essential that you have the latest version installed (see how to check the version number). For this reason, we recommend turning on automatic updates in the app store.

As per the advice above, we officially support the latest and previous major software releases on both iOS and Android - and we recommend that you always have the latest OS (operating system) updates installed on your device:

Note that older phones and tablets may not be able to upgrade to the latest OS as Apple and Google often phase out support for old devices. Unfortunately this makes it impossible for us to provide support for these devices too.

It is also important to note that Huawei devices do not have the Google Play store, and therefore you will not be able to download OpsBase.

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